Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance contracts are suited to your every need as we work on a variety of equipment. Our strategic checklist ensures that your equipment doesn’t break down when you need it most. A thorough review of electrical connections, components, belts and filters if performed to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.

We use pleated filters 1”or 2”, and in some instances even 4”. Special carbon filters are used in some instances if air quality is one of your top priorities. We ensure all your moving parts are working as intended, enabling your equipment to perform at its best.

System Upgrades

We can turn a dated oil boiler into a gas boiler that runs over 90% efficient. Compared that to the typical oil boiler which runs 83% at its best, saving you on energy costs. Residential customers will find that there are many lines of pumps that are now built with frequency drives already in them. This will help save you money on energy bills while harnessing the latest technology and the most efficient systems out there.

Propane/Natural Gas Service & Installation

Although gas and propane are a much cleaner burning then oil, it’s important to those systems checked annually. There are many components involved in the operation of those systems so it’s important that they work at their best to keep your system running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Air Conditioning

These systems are the highest selling in the industry, they are an essential part of a comfortable workplace and home environment. For customers running A/C year-round, or even only during the warmer months, we will make sure your system is operational, especially when you need it the most.


Reliable refrigeration units are essential to properly serving your customers and employees. Units that become inoperable can result in product loss and customer dissatisfaction, which is something many business cannot afford. Freedom Air offers refrigeration repair, maintenance and installation services for small businesses throughout Southern and Central Maine.

We have experience servicing all kinds of refrigeration units, including:

  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Ice machines
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Freezers

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly more common. More of our customers are making the switching to these highly-efficient and energy saving systems. If you are considering a change from an old oil/propane boiler, Freedom Air can help you choose the right pump that fits your needs. With the latest technology, some of these systems can run 100% efficient at -15°F.


Technology has progressed greatly in the control systems industry. Today most systems can be controlled using a smart device or computer. By integrating with mobile devices, the accessibility helps to save time and energy by keeping you connected. Whether you are controlling water or space temperature, making adjustments has never been easier.